Christian Lemmerz & Norbert Tadeusz im Horsens Art Museum Kopenhagen

Horsens Art Museum presents an exhibition with sculptor Christian Lemmerz and painter Norbert Tadeusz. 3 October 2020 – 17 January 2021.

In 2016 the exhibition MEAT was exhibited at the Danish Faurschou Foundation in Beijing. Originally, the exhibition included artworks by the German artist Norbert Tadeusz (1940-2011) and the German/Danish artist Christian Lemmerz (b.1959). Sadly the exhibition did not go as planned. When arriving at the Chinese border, the Chinese Government censured Norbert Tadeusz’ paintings. The only artworks that were allowed through the border were the artworks by Christian Lemmerz. The planned exhibition did open, but only with the artworks by Christian Lemmerz. White paintings were hung on the walls, as a gesture to what should have been filled by Norbert Tadeusz’ paintings. The exhibition was aesthetically beautiful, but the wanted dialog between the two artists did not happen.

Now four years later, Horsens Art Museum is honored to finally bring the artworks together in a new exhibition, which takes us through different materials, medias and generations. The intention behind the exhibition is to activate and actualize the two artists interests in the body and flesh. The exhibition also presents new artworks by Christian Lemmerz, including new marble sculptures, 3D-printed plastic sculptures and the Virtual Reality artwork Locus Solus from 2020.

Though Christian Lemmerz and Norbert Tadeusz are related, as Norbert Tadeusz is Christian Lemmerz’ deceased brother in law, it is not their family background that brings the two artists together. Instead it is the artists’ interests for flesh as a motive. In the exhibition, you are able to experience the original artworks by Norbert Tadeusz that was supposed to be exhibited in Beijing. This includes the artworks Marcelleria (1970), Pistoia. Ochse II (1983), Ulla in Pistoia (1986) and O.T (1987). All of the artworks are paintings produced in the period 1970-1987. They will be presented as a dialog with Christen Lemmerz’ new sculptures and Virtual Reality artwork. In that way, Christian Lemmerz’ contribution to the exhibition in 2016 is now reinterpreted and expanded, covering themes such as life, religion, anxiety and death.

The exhibition is generously supported by: Augustinus Fonden, Statens Kunstfond, Knud Højgårds Fond, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Insero Horsens, Overretssagfører L. Zeuthens Mindelegat, 15. Juni Fonden, Familien Hede Nielsens Fond and Beckett Fonden. 

The exhibition opens Saturday on the 3rd of October 2020 from 11.00am – 16.00pm. 

At Horsens Art Museum it is important that we follow the instructions given by the Danish Government concerning Covid-19. To make sure that there are not to many guests at the same time, the opening of the exhibition will be held for an entire opening day, from 11am – 16pm. The opening is free of charge and you will be able to enjoy a glas of wine and a snack in the café.

Photo: Collection Estate of Norbert Tadeusz and Anders Sune Berg